Raymond L. Wheeler, DMin

Musings about leadership

Why I Love Coaching

Vision casting, building strong teams, ensuring long-term results, managing outcomes, delegating, decision making, courage, resilience, and spirituality – these are the skills that make great leaders.

The habits of great leaders are even more significant. Withdrawal, foresight, awareness, listening, empathy, healing, conceptualization, persuasion, execution, and building community flavor the way great leaders approach their work.

Coaching helps leaders develop skill and habits in their context. The evidence-based approach I use in coaching gets past the clutter of the latest fad to get to help leaders engage a developmental approach that begins to make a difference immediately. Coaching impacts how leaders perform in their jobs and the degree to which they enjoy their jobs.

If you have not plugged into the power of coaching in your professional development look into it now. If you are not getting what you need from coaching then lets talk about what you really need. Distance is not a problem with today’s technology. Email me at ray@raywheeler.com and let’s set up an exploratory appointment.

Dr. Raymond L. Wheeler

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