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Develop the Right Mindset as a Leader

A recent article in Forbes reiterated an MIT study that shows only 12% of employees strongly agree that their leaders have the right mindsets to lead them into the future. The article asked, “What kind of leaders do people want? They want leaders who can navigate the speed and complexity of the digital workplace. They want leaders who explain the why of the work, who connect with empathy, who communicate with authenticity, and who collaborate with openness.”

Dunkin’s point in the Forbes article is that we must do better in how we lead in business. I couldn’t agree more. That is the point behind my book, Lift: Five Practices Great Managers Do Consistently. Engendering trust, establishing a positive environment, giving employees the tools and the empowerment they need to thrive are not optional actions. They are essential actions.

As business resets in the uncertainties around a Covid-19 environment positive leadership becomes even more important. Great practices are not just good for business they are essential for good mental health.

A right mindset builds high-performance teams by consistently building ownership, working facts, knowing their people and themselves, managing activities, and building a climate of hope. The right mindset is one that loves people. Dr. Mick Bates, Associate Professor of Marketing, Taylor University, Upland, Indiana affirms this, “In his book, Lift, Dr. Wheeler expertly and succinctly gives managers in nearly any type of organization tools to love people towards personal and organizational success. He distills decades of organizational behavior and development research, case studies, and his personal experiences into a simple 5-point model for loving people to success.”

Now is the time to develop the right mindset and the actions that mindset engenders.

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LIFT, A Revolution in How Managers Do Their Work

LIFT by Raymond L Wheeler (2020) is now available on Amazon (click here to go to the link).

Publishing a book is filled with anticipation, excitement, and anxiety if I’m honest. I looked at successful managers and their teams across several industries in order to identify what made them different from managers who struggle. I used the insights I gleaned from this research over the years to train managers, coach managers, and encourage managers. I know these five practices of LIFT work. Now, these insights are available to a wider market in the form of this book.

So, why should you buy it for yourself and the managers with whom you work? Because it inspires a different kind of work culture. I have seen it happen. The practices of LIFT not only give managers a way to express a clear philosophy of management, but it also nurtures an environment in which employees thrive.

I found the practices of LIFT in every industry I studied including manufacturing, sales, financial services, healthcare, technology companies, and faith-based organizations.

The five practices that characterize the actions of remarkable managers who LIFT performance and morale by consistently building ownership, working facts, knowing their people and themselves, managing activities, and building a climate of hope.

In contrast, I found besieged managers tend to be more dictatorial, emotionally unpredictable, lacking in self-awareness, consumed with employee failures, and cynical.

I illustrate the components of the five practices of LIFT with case studies and clear explanations, that offers a way forward for anyone looking to improve the way they manage their team.

Read it and let me know what you think!