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E.D.D. Prep: Meet the Grand-Mentor!

It is always a joy to see mentees walk into their calling and potential.


Mentor: (noun) An experienced and trusted advisor.

Grand-Mentor: (noun) A more experienced and trusted advisor, who becomes a mentor to his/her mentor’s younger colleague.

The experience of gleaning wisdom and pursuing growth in journeying with a spiritual mentor can be an invaluable part of a person’s walk through life and in Christ. So much clarity, constructive criticism, and encouragement comes through simply asking someone who has walked through more life and its various trials and triumphs. So, to meet a mentor’s mentor is like a compounded gift, similar to a C.S. Lewis super-fan meeting both C.S. Lewis AND George McDonald in the same day!

This morning at 10am, the typical Starbucks in the beautifully quaint city of Claremont became the meeting place where Brian experienced the rare joy of meeting with his mentor’s mentor. Ray Wheeler, mentor to the beloved NewSong Church pastor Dennis Bachman, became the source of clarity…

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