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The new year is a natural time of reflection and much will be written about the importance of reflection. Steve Morgan encapsulates the pitfall of writing goals. Enjoy the read.

Leader Impact

Most of us are familiar with setting SMART goals. Sometimes, it is helpful to understand a concept by looking at its opposite. That is why I have come up with STUPID goals. Here are some tips to writing STUPID goals.



Begin small.  Think small.  Why go for big and be disappointed later?  Set the bar low and you’ll be sure to hit it. With small goals you won’t have to figure out ways you can make them come true. You won’t have to develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them.


Make sure to set goals that are trivial and uninspiring. That way when you don’t reach them, it won’t really matter to you or anyone else.

Unclear and unrealistic: 

Set goals that are unclear.  Leave out the five “W” questions:

  • Who:      Who is involved?
  • What:     What do I want to accomplish?
  • Where:    Identify a location.

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Author: Ray Wheeler, DMin

Ray Wheeler - executive coach, confidant, mentor, leader, and friend. Ray is the author of, Change the Paradigm: How to Lead Like Jesus in Today's world. He is also an adjunct lecturer at LIFE Pacific College, Bethesda University California and Azusa Pacific University in cross-cultural leadership, leadership development, leadership ethics, administration, church growth, and mission in today's world. Certified leadership coach, certified Birkman Consultant, and certified in the iOpener Assessment (happiness at work).

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  1. Thanks Ray. I’m glad you liked this. I have been wanting to write about STUPID goals since I was sitting in a meeting earlier this year that was training us in setting SMART goals. Since I was already familiar with the acronym SMART, my mind starting digressing down the other side (call it creative or dark side). I just hadn’t been able to write it in a blog until now. Happy New Year. What is your focus for this coming year? Let’s talk soon.

    • Steve,

      My focus this year (2013) has four parts: (1) deepening intimacy with God; (2) deepening intimacy with Janice; (3) a book on servant leadership and (4) developing new strategic execution skills as a leader.

      Yes, let’s talk. We are on vacation next week to the coast for some down time. A former youth group member of mine (now a PhD) just wrote a book on Spiritual gifts – he warned me that he mentioned me in the preface. I plan to review it this week and write a blurb about it for him to use. Pretty cool when the seeds planted years ago come roaring back as a harvest…it motivates me to constancy.


      • Those are great foci for the year. I am working on a blog for my one word theme. My word will be ENGAGE.

        Speaking of seeds planted…this desire was planted seeing your example of teaching in class. I left challenged to engage the same way that you modeled in class. This year I want to be more intentional about that word focus. We return to Orlando next week. Sometime the week of the 7th will work for me also.

  2. Dear Ray ! What a great idea. Thinking about the opposite
    really helps in resolving problems. I remember some where about the
    generals ( army ) making war plans thinking the other way. I.e
    assuming they are an enemy & becoming successful. Thanks in
    showing plans this way. Bedilu Assefa.

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