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Leadership is Complex – a pictorial summary

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My cousin sent me the reminder below and I saw it as a metaphor that aptly captured the feedback I have received in coaching from both male and female executives.  Leadership is complex and the interactions that occur between men and women in the workforce is part of that wonderfully diverse complexity…well wonderful most days according to my clients.

Gender is one of the complexities of leadership interactions.  Look for more about this from me in 2012.  Until then, happy New Year.


Author: Ray Wheeler, DMin

Ray Wheeler - executive coach, confidant, mentor, leader, and friend. Ray is the author of, Change the Paradigm: How to Lead Like Jesus in Today's world. He is also an adjunct lecturer at LIFE Pacific College, Bethesda University California and Azusa Pacific University in cross-cultural leadership, leadership development, leadership ethics, administration, church growth, and mission in today's world. Certified leadership coach, certified Birkman Consultant, and certified in the iOpener Assessment (happiness at work).

One thought on “Leadership is Complex – a pictorial summary

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